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“Stunningly epic and atmospheric” – Hot Press Magazine 

As the name would suggest, the four young

men that make up Sky Atlas approach their music and the art of songwriting in the true spirit of freedom and exploration. There is an expanse and freshness to their sound that refuses to be defined while remaining true to the maps of the musical influences that have charted the territory in which they travel. While Sky Atlas isn’t an act that shies away from distortion-soaked haze, the numbers that define this project are cinematic in scope, determinedly pensive and often quite delicate in execution.

​"A band who certainly have the talent, the look and the adoring fans to take them to soaring heights in the music world."

Since their formation five years ago, Sky Atlas have developed to a point where their sound is truly their own. Simultaneously drawing influence from folk, shoegaze/noise, and rock music has led them to develop a unique sonic footprint.The ambitious quartet is made up of Louis Younge, a wildly versatile multi-instrumentalist as adept with a violin as he is with a wind organ, Deftones-loving drummer Ryan McClelland – an “absolute monster behind the kit who can play anything”, bassist Danilo Ward; a “mystery man” who grew up in the south of France before moving to Ireland and pursuing music full-time in BIMM Dublin alongside his future bandmates, and lead vocalist and guitarist Lughaidh Armstrong-Mayock, known as a reputable session musician in the Irish scene.

Described by Hot Press as being "surely on their way to becoming the next big thing on the Irish music scene", the quartet have become a mainstay in the Dublin scene and are excited to keep growing and to take their music to new heights in the coming year.



Sky Atlas debut EP 'Stone' is out now!
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Sky Atlas Beanie - Burgundy

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