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"Stunningly epic and atmospheric, some of the finest musicians I've seen in a long time, a band who certainly have the talent, the look and the adoring fans to take them to soaring heights in the music world” HOT PRESS

Since their formation five years ago, Sky Atlas have a sound that is truly their own. Simultaneously drawing influence from folk, shoegaze/noise, and rock music has led them to develop a unique sonic footprint. While Sky Atlas isn’t an act that shies away from distortion-soaked haze, the numbers that define this project are cinematic in scope, determinedly pensive and often quite delicate in execution. There is an expanse and freshness to their sound that refuses to be defined.

Described by Hot Press as being "surely on their way to becoming the next big thing on the Irish music scene", the quartet have become a mainstay in the Dublin scene and are excited to keep growing and to take their music to new heights as they work towards their debut album. Following an outstanding performance at Ireland Music Week 2022, the band have just completed their first national tour promoting their latest single 'Hollow Embrace' (Nov 2022). They packed out 10 dates around the country from Dingle to Derry and were described after their Limerick show as a “masterful performance that teetered on the line of beautiful, and a barely contained cacophony” (Limerick Voice 2022). Sky Atlas have an exciting year ahead as they commence on their first international tour spanning the UK and Germany.

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